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New Changes in Canadian Education System in 2023

New update in Canadian Education systemCanadian Government has made many changes in visa policy in 2023. The first and foremost change is for those students who are thinking about applying study visa in 2023. Now there are many changes are noticed in SDS (student Direct Stream) Program.

One of the most significant change is in the point/band requirement System. It is not mandatory for every student to obtain 6 Band  in each module Now, student can be eligible even if they achieve 5.5 band in one module or in two module But overall 6 band score are compulsory.

Another major change is that now student have to pay 1 year tuition fee and living expense in advance for making profile more stronger, otherwise student can pay full fee in advance if student have 2 year diploma.

Why student choose Canada for Study Visa?

Nowadays, majority of student choose Canada study visa, the most significant reason is that Canada, Now, has become popular destination among Indian students, and Canada also have world top Universities, which provides higher standard education for the students, Another Important reason is that after completing education, student can easily get work permit over there and PR procedure is not longer as in other countries. In other words, PR procedure is very easy in Canada as compared to other Countries.

There are number of colleges and universities provide education at low cost. It is good opportunity for Indian students. Apart from it, now 12th pass students have two options either they can choose 3 to 4 year degree or 1 to 2 year diploma. But majority of student choose diploma rather than degree. However, in case of graduate student have to choose 1 to 2 year master for study visa.But different colleges and university  have different requirement for visa filing process.

Canada Band requirement
Canada Band requirement

Eligible Requirement  for SDS Program

Now applying have study visa for Canada has become easy through SDS Category . SDS Program requirement is given below.

  • Student can take admission in those college, where full time program are available and they also choose publicly funded University.
  • It is mandatory for student to get 6 band each in order to get admission in Canada,  but if student have 5.5 band in one module then student will not have number of choices. but everything would be dependent on student profile.
  • Student need to provide GIC proof . Student have different option to get GIC account for example Scotiabank , ICICI Bank and other many type of accounts, which directly linked to the Canadian  GIC proof will help to prove your are easily support your living expense in Canada.
  • Another thing – show your paid tuition fee receipt
  • Medical certificate is another most important proof. Which student need to show before submitting the application.
  • Student need to show their recent education transcript .in secondary education student need to have 60% marks, However, in case student have 50% above then student also eligible to apply study visa through SDS category
  • Student can apply visa through SDS, If student have achieve 60 score But in case student have 59 score then student visa will be at risk.
  • Letter of Acceptance is mandatory for student from Designated Learning institutes.
  • Student must have citizenship of a Country.
  • one of the most recent change is that LOA (Letter of acceptance ) is drictely provided by univeristy, will be verify from embassy, before reaching to client.

Addition requirement for Spouse Visa

  • At first student must be graduated with 55% or above
  • IELTS band requirement should be 6.5 or 6 band
  • If student have completed PTE with 60 or 60 above then they will be eligible for visa
  • Both student and spouse can go to Canada tougher
  • All documents must be Genuine

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