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With over 5 years of experience and competence in promoting international education, our staff has amassed a vast amount of information and experience. Studying abroad has many advantages, as well as problems; at Hike Visa, we make the procedure as simple as possible for you.

Our team will handle everything from student counselling, coaching, and admissions applications to visa paperwork. Services are designed to meet students’ different direct and indirect demands, as well as additional services such as pre-visa orientation, ticketing, money transfer, and post-visa landing services. Due to the management’s personal and professional expertise, this integration at each level of the service chain is achievable. Every member of the management team has travelled to countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, and others. They have witnessed the educational system, colleges, and universities, as well as the entire lifestyle that students are exposed to while studying overseas. At each level of the procedure, you’ll be guided by our powerful network and step-by-step methodology.

Knowing that education is a lifelong process with long-term consequences makes us more responsible and dedicated. We value each student’s career, therefore we help them find the greatest options in their chosen profession while keeping their priorities in mind.

Hike Visa Consultants offers direct connections with over 350 colleges, institutes, and universities worldwide. Until now, we have successfully sent over 1,000 students abroad to study. Seminars and spot admissions for each incoming intake are held on a regular basis. Students are personally met by representatives from colleges and universities who answer their questions. Hike Visa Consultants also hosts the World Education Expo, which takes place twice a year and attracts a large number of prestigious universities and colleges.



Our dedicated area for evaluating the success of student visa applications is updated on a regular basis to reflect the most recent changes in laws and regulations for each nation. When dealing with consulates, professional paperwork and accuracy are essential. With a personalised case study approach, we aim to obtain visas for each student. Before submitting a visa application, all options are considered. To improve your success rate, you must first understand visa eligibility, requirements, and procedures

Our Mission

Hike Visa Consultants offers free career advice, college/university selection, and course selection services. To deliver the best of the options, the student profile is thoroughly evaluated. Students are also advised on how to prepare for English language proficiency tests and other standard examinations required for admission and visa applications. We provide assistance to students by explaining various career paths and assisting them in selecting a curriculum. As a result, pupils' decision-making is simplified and precise.


We have the ideal team to assist you in achieving your career objectives. All members of our team have received extensive training in the study visa immigration process and have managed a wide range of other visa applications.









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